Water Purifiers - The Basic Necessity Of Today

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Water purifiers have today become a necessity rather than a thing of show off. It has become more necessary in cities and towns where the pollution is increasing day by day with the increase in population. It is especially necessary for the kids who go to school and drink water from school taps which is often not a RO purified water. So, if you do not have a water purifier installed at your home, you should think about it.

 Almost all the top branded companies like Philips, Kent, Electrolux offer water purifiers which come at affordable prices. If look at all the brands and the models offered by them, you will find that there is not much difference in the way they are made or the way purify the water to convert it into drinking water.

 The commonest water purifier comes with 8 liters of water storage and has 4 stages of water purification - sediments purification, Pre-Carbon Filter, carbon purification and Reverse Osmosis technology purification. It is also known as Reverse Osmosis Method/Technology. It uses semi-permeable membrane to divert dissolved salts, heavy metals, chemicals, micro-organisms and other impurities to drain.

In later stage it uses a resin carbon cartridge, which polishes water to ensure fresh testing water. The Ultra-violet purification system (found in some of them) has a lamp which helps in eliminating bacteria and viruses thus providing safe drinking water. So, with all this process of water purification, the water becomes utmost safe to drink.

With more and more of chemicals being drained out of factories and other such factors and all this waste being thrown into rivers, it is vital that each and every home should have a water purifier installed. These water purifier come in the range of 12,000/-Rs 20,000/- . Being a little costly, one must think of saving money while purchasing these.

The best way to do this is to buy them from an online shopping store like Home Shop 18, which offers the best quality products at lower price. With offers like discounts and memberships these are a better option than the showrooms which give the same products at MRP. So, if you have not checked the online shopping store, check it now....
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Discover The Value Of Home Water Purifiers

I was enraged after reading two recent associated press articles about the Environmental Protection Agency. It emphasizes the need to know what is in the water that we use everyday. One way to ensure we have healthy water is to compare home water purifiers, finding out how they work and what contaminants they remove.

 The first article discussed a toxic rocket fuel component that is found in the drinking water of 28 States. The EPA has been studying it for years, and has not figured out, if taking action to limit its use would reduce the risk. On the other hand, the FDA released a study in January 2008, saying that children were at risk from exposure of this same contaminate in the food and water they consumed.

This study clearly shows the need for an EPA tap water standard for this contaminant. This is our tax dollars at work. In the second article, the results of an advocacy group survey of EPA scientists said that the scientists felt pressure to skew the interpretation of their results. The pressure is coming from political sources and special interest groups.

More than half of those responding to the survey reported some political hindrance in their work. In another article it was reported that a Senate committee is looking into whether the Bush administration is hindering the ability of scientists at the EPA to assess the health dangers of toxic chemicals.

 Changes in the water standards can take years. Even when quality standards are in place, can we trust that the findings are presented in an unbiased way? It is pretty scary when the EPA chief, Carol Browner is quoted as saying: "The way we guarantee safe drinking water is broken and needs to be fixed." In the mean time, we are exposed to toxins and other dangerous things in our water supply.

Children, pregnant women, and individuals with compromised immune systems are at the greatest risk of these contaminants. What can we as individuals do to protect ourselves and those we care about? We need to consider that home water purifiers may be required to ensure our water is healthy. First and foremost, get informed. Check out your tap water with your local water source.

To find out what pollutants are tested for and what the acceptable levels are, ask for the water quality report from your utility company. If you have a well, have the water tested regularly. Be aware of local and state news on water quality issues, to see if they could effect you directly. Second, even if your water utility says the water is ��safe��, know that you are not necessarily safe from all contaminants in your tap water. If you are in the more susceptible group, then even ��safe�� water may be dangerous for you. And there may be things in the water that are not tested for because they have not been made part of the EPA guidelines yet.

 Also, consider that water quality is more than just what you drink. It includes the water you cook with and the water that you bathe with. Our bodies can absorb chemicals and toxins from water in other ways than just drinking it. While most of the exposure is from drinking contaminated water, protecting just that water is not enough. Now that you are armed with this information, it would be a valuable use of your time to compare home water purifiers.

Carefully review the data sheet for the performance of each water filtration product. Consider if the product will remove the contaminants in your water. Make sure it is certified and to what level the contaminants are removed.

After doing so, you will understand that there are just a few good products to even consider. Renee Smallwood has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. She sees first hand the health effects of proper hydration. To learn more about what you can do to ensure you are getting the best water to maintain a healthy lifestyle, visit her blog at http://waterqualitysolutions.blogspot.com/
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Why Home Water Purifiers And Filters Are Important To You

With an aging water infrastructure and breakdowns becoming more common, home water purifiers and filters are increasing in importance. You are the last line of defense against contaminated water. Even "safe" municipal systems contain escalating levels of chlorine, which can make you sick, and may contain contaminants that, while safe, have an unpleasant odor and/or taste. If you start using a home water purifier, however, you can spare yourself the worry about problematic water supplies and start supplying your home with inexpensive bottled-quality water.

 Great home water purifiers and filters can save you from all the other problems in municipal water supplies. Infrastructure is slowly being replaced, but it is underfunded; meanwhile, under many of our cities lead pipes and otherwise contaminated water supply carriers are decaying.

These problems are not dramatic, like collapsing bridges or breaking levees, but over time they can be just as devastating, compromising water supplies for millions of people who don't even know it. How can you tell your water supply is contaminated? Your water may smell more strongly of chlorine than it once did. Or you may notice it's a little cloudier. Both these are signs of a decaying water infrastructure - but in most cases, you will see no signs at all.

 Contaminants in your water supply, either added on purpose or because the municipal system can no longer remove them, are a health risk. Your home water purifiers and filters can remove all of them, and that's a good thing. Chlorine, the most common added contaminant, is a poison; it's added to water because it kills bacteria. In large concentrations, chlorine can literally melt skin; it is an acid.

While the small amount in your water won't harm you immediately, there may be dangers over time; because chlorine is naturally a gas, for instance, you inhale it during showers. It dries out your skin and hair; if it's used at too high a level in your city water, it can damage your hair, change the color of your dye job, and even make you sick. Chlorine is only one of several possible dangers found in our water systems.

Older street supplies are sometimes still lined with lead, and while water at the treatment plant measures clean, you may still have lead entering your house through the delivery system. The old lead piping in most cities is being replaced, but older homes and neighborhoods often still have hidden lead in their water delivery system.

This and other heavy metals can be removed with a good home water purifier. If you're starting to wonder about your own water supply, do some testing. You can get a test kit online or, sometimes, from your city water company to check your household water.

Even if you don't find a problem, test annually. Our deteriorating systems, fine today, may not be so fine tomorrow. If you discover your water supply is borderline, it might be time to buy a home water filtration system to eliminate contaminants. You'll be able to stop worrying, and you'll save a fortune on bottled water.
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Under Sink Water Purifier The Key to Truly Safe Drinking Water

Friday, July 16, 2010

Let me give you some short ideas about what are the difference between water purifiers and water filter. Both of devices are meant for treating water. Water purifiers can remove smallest disease causing bacteria that are in the water such as E. coli, Cholera, and Salmonella where this kind of bacteria can get through water filters. Not only that, water purifiers retains the sweet taste of the fresh water.

It removes the foul taste odors of the water and chemicals that is in the water. It also removes microbial contaminations. These Purifiers have what water filters have and what is more amazing purifiers are that it retains the mineral and traces of elements in the water which is necessary for your health. While water filters get rid of the chemicals and it removes or filters the water disinfectant such as chlorine and other chlorine resistant parasites.

How to Choose a Top Rated Water Purifier

It also removes the foul odor, taste and some chemicals but this depend on the filtration technology used. Filters cannot eliminate the viruses which are the smallest micro organism only purifier can do that. Now since you know the difference between the purifier and filter, it is now your choice which one you want to be installed in your house.

Under sink purifiers have lots of different sizes with different brands you need to choose. There are also portable water purifier that you can bring anywhere you go. If you want a smaller size of water purifier under your sink to install, there is. Even how small your space under your sink, you can have it. All you have to do is to shop around to find your desired water purifier.

What is more important is to change the filter every 3 or 6 months or whatever desired number of months that is written in the manual. You can have every sink on your house installed by under sink water purifier if you want or need it. What is the advantage of having under sink purifier is that, you and your family are safe whenever you drink the water from the faucet sink.

How to Find the Best Tap Water Purifier?

Mostly people when they are thirsty or want to drink water, they go directly to the kitchen sink where they can find the faucet and have a glass of water. Even your visitors also do that, seems it's an instinct move. To get the cheaper under sink purifier, all you have to do is to roam around to shop. Compare the price of each brand and the features of their water purifier for under sink.

Although there are also well known branded but still you need to shop to get the lowest price. Got no time to shop around, there is an easy way. You can shop online now through the internet. You can explore the different sites where under sink water purifier is offered. You can compare easily and you can even purchase through the net if you want. Easy to compare the different sizes, prices, style of the water purifier under sink.
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A Portable Water Purifier is Perfect For Health To waterpurifierguide.blogspot.com

Monday, May 17, 2010

Camping is a regular activity for many people. It is good exercise and it presents an excellent opportunity to bond with others and appreciate nature at the same time. However, for a popular activity, it is relatively difficult to prepare for. For one, people have a hard time packing all their stuff into small hiking bags because not all people know how to pack efficiently.

Another thing is that many people do not always agree on which things are more important to bring during camping. Some believe that clothes and tents should be the primary concern, while some say that food should be the first priority. Others think that water is the most important, so much so in fact, that they would even consider tugging along a portable water purifier for camping.

For those who argue about the latter, there are two main reasons that justify bringing along a portable water purifier for camping.

Space saver
First, since around 60% of the body is water, water should be brought to replenish whatever gets lost. However, water takes up a lot of space, and space is not exactly a luxury that you can afford when going camping. Since adults are advised to consume an average of 2 to 3 liters of water a day, each person loses 2 to 3 liters of space for other camping essentials such as clothes and food in their luggage.

What's even worse is that this volume just keeps on increasing as the number of camping days extends longer and also as the terrain becomes more and more physically exhausting.
Bringing along a portable water purifier for camping eliminates, or, at the very least, significantly decreases the volume of water that needs to be carried. In fact, some portable purifiers are only as long as 7 inches, which are no taller than regular bottles of mineral water.

Unlimited Capacity
Second, water is the primary treatment for a majority of wounds and injuries, so if an accident happens or some emergency comes up, the water you carry for drinking might have to be used. If that is the case, then your water supply will not last long enough. After all, even an experienced hiker will have a limit to the volume of water that he or she can carry.

However, if you have a portable water purifier for camping, there is no need for you to worry about running out of water. With a portable purifier, you can make use of any fresh water source in the area including lakes, rivers and even puddles. It can also take care of pathogens and poisonous contaminants in the water.

A portable water filter will help make your camping trip more pleasant and help avoid any water borne illness. After all, camping should be fun and you can't have fun if you are sick!
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